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This is the section were I stash the files for you all to download.
- Updated 06/03/11
Poo's AI's [TOP]
Summary lmaoAI.txt 1k
Summary lmaoAI.zip 36k

Summary Poo's flasher AI.txt 1k
Summary Poo's flasher AI.zip 2k

Summary Poo's flasher AI 2.txt 2k
Summary Poo's flasher AI 2.zip 75k

Poo's maps [TOP]
Summary Quicksilver.txt 1k
Summary Quicksilver.zip 163k

Summary Lake Arid.txt 2k
Summary Lake Arid.zip 1.13M

Summary Martian Scream.txt 1k
Summary Martian Scream!.zip 315k

Poo's Extras [TOP]
Summary poo-spec.txt 1k
Summary Poo-Spec TA 170k

Summary Custom loadscreens.zip 97k
Summary Fanciful loadscreen example.gif 48k

Recommended 3rd Party maps [TOP]
Summary Mallodden Plain (Fantastic looking terragen map, very playable with 3) 15M

Summary Epicentro Activo Readme 1k
Summary Epicentro Activo (Amazing looking Adamante/Evergreen map) 3M

Summary Capricorn Isles Readme 1k
Summary Capricorn Isles (A strange new world, which can even suit hovers :o ) 5.9M

Summary Micro TA Machines Readme 1k
Summary Micro TA Machines (The classic 'TA as a board game' map - wow) 2.1M

Summary Gnugs of War (Bigger crystal-world GoW map :D ) 4.2M

Summary Gods of War 2 (Much bigger version of GoW :o ) 3.57M

Summary Great Divide 2 Readme 1k
Summary Great Divide 2 (Good ol' porcers map :P ) 851k

Summary Friction Readme 1k
Summary Friction (Excellent map in the 'Hundred Isles' vein) 2M

Summary Great Divide 2k Readme 1k
Summary Great Divide 2k (Great 'Mars world' map for 2v2 play) 1.53M

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