"what can only really be described as a Total Annihilation bible" - Planet Annihilation
"the ultimate resource of TA statistics" - TA Universe
"fucken excellent site!" - MeatAxe
Here are a few handy links to the more interesting and helpful TA and TA related sites I come across.
Major TA Links
TADRS recorded battles
Get your recordings here!
TA's multi-player player's hub.
Short and sweet TA files and links.
TA Universe (TAU)
TA related news and main forums with a bias toward modified TA.
TA players database
List of TA players from Clan Fr.
Official Atari TA forums
Not well used and not really anything other than community support offered. You are better off trying TAU.
Swedish Yankspanker's
Home of the creators of the TA Demo recorder, 3D map viewer, and so much more!

Gaming Services
MSN Zone has been closed, so the Axis and Allies boys made their own Zone look alike. Thank goodness it supports TA too! And like the old Zone there are still those many people of varying outlooks ;)
PhoeniX WorX
PhoeniX WorX, the 'Boneyards' successor built by the TA community themselves. Features the popular rank based Galactic War Meta-game (Arm vs. Core)
Gamespy Arcade
The ubiquitous Gamespy arcade also has TA rooms (TA and TA-CC). Many TA novices are first introduced to Multi-player TA here.

Other Great Links
Shonner developed his own TA site which has become a massive FAQ. Go there first if you have any questions, the is likely there. He even had some advice about my Flasher AI I need to implement :)
RTSC - Total Annihilation
A compact review of TA and what it offers.
Switeck's TA Bugfix and Junk Drawer
A single page packed with informative links and helpful advice. Switeck worked diligently to create his vision of an improved Total Annihilation free from the 'bugs' often complained about. Unfortunately not enough players agreed with Switeck's opinion on what was/was-not a bug so it never really took off.
Epic Class Productions
THE biggest maps in TA!
Total Annihilation Real Time Strategy (RTS) Game Resources
tcbw's TA website offers a mass of TA info and has great coverage of TA troubleshooting.
TAR - Total Annihilation Resources
One of the few small TA sites still running. Check out the maps!
Gamespy: TA Hall of Fame
Gamespy's TA hall of fame induction piece.

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