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Recorded games section
These recorded games are primarily tutorials showing an unusual strategy or TA Feature that can enhance your game play if needed.
- 29.08.04
Games of technique
Summary Peewees,Vets, and Self Destruction!.txt 4k
Summary Peewees,Vets, and Self Destruction!.zip 340k

Summary Desperate measures.txt 3k
Summary Desperate measures.zip 1M

Summary MAV Drop.txt 2k
Summary MAV Drop.zip 3M

Summary LOS is your friend.txt 3k
Summary LOS is your friend.zip 409k

Summary Nano-sheild to buy time.txt 1k
Download Nano-sheild to buy time.zip 861k

Summary Hovers on GoW.txt 1k
Download Hovers on GoW.zip 476k

Archive comedy :)
Summary A mexx too far.txt 1k
Summary A mexx too far.zip 65k

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