Worker Time [TOP]
The unit's Worker Time, or 'build speed' denotes the speed at which it can supply materials to the unit building.

I have given this variable units of nanites/seconds, n/s. This describes the function of the "Nano-Lathe" quite well.

Further discussion of how this variable is interrelated with the Build Cost's can be found under Build Cost Time

*Note that the TA engine rounds down worker times to the nearest multiple of 30. Thus we use 180n/s rather than the raw FBI file's specified 200n/s.

Table 1: Vechicle Worker Time (WT) Variation from Given. (n/s)

UnitGiven WTActual WT
CORE CX-D3 Commander300300
ARM ARM-WM Commander300300
CORE CW-SA Advanced Construction Sub225210
ARM ARM-CSW2 Advanced Construction Sub225210
CORE COR-CV1 Adv. Construction Vehicle200180
ARM ARM-CV1 Adv. Construction Vehicle200180
CORE COR-RES Resurrection Kbot*160150
CORE COR-ACK1 Adv. Construction Kbot160150
ARM ARM-ACK1 Adv. Construction Kbot160150
CORE COR-CS1 Construction Ship125120
ARM ARM-CS1 Construction Ship125120
CORE MV-S3 Spoiler10090
ARM ARM-ML4 Podger10090
CORE COR-CA1 Adv. Construction Aircraft10090
ARM ARM-CA1 Adv. Construction Aircraft10090
CORE CMA-17 Construction Vehicle10090
ARM ARM-CV1 Construction Vehicle10090
CORE HB-CW Construction Hovercraft8060
ARM ARM-HC2 Construction Hovercraft8060
CORE CKA-23 Construction Kbot8060
ARM ARM-CK1 Construction KBot8060
CORE CVA-W5 Construction Seaplane5030
ARM ARM-WCA3 Construction Seaplane5030
CORE CVA-8 Construction Aircraft5030
ARM ARM-CA1 Construction Aircraft5030
CORE COR-DWM Decoy Commander3030
ARM ARM-DWM Decoy Commander3030

*Note the Necro has a zero build distance. This means that unless the unit reanimates into its nanolathe, or otherwise physically touches it, it cannot effectivly be set to guard.

Table 2: Plant Worker Time (WT) Variation from Given. (n/s)

UnitGiven WTActual WT
CORE GKA-DML Krogoth Gantry200180
CORE COR-VCF2 Adv. Vehicle Plant200180
ARM ARM-VCF2 Adv. Vehicle Plant200180
ARM ARM-KL2 Adv. Kbot Lab200180
CORE COR-KL2 Adv. Kbot Lab200180
CORE COR-SCF Adv. Shipyard200180
ARM ARM-SCF Adv. Shipyard200180
CORE COR-ACF Adv. Aircraft Plant200180
ARM ARM-ACF Adv. Aircraft Plant200180
CORE FS-BP3 Seaplane Platform200180
ARM ARM-SED Seaplane Platform200180
CORE P-HP1 Hovercraft Platform200180
ARM ARM-H Hovercraft Platform200180
ARM ARM-SP1 Air Repair Pad200180
CORE ARM-SP1 Air Repair Pad200180
CORE SB-3-VT Hive200180
ARM ASD-SC Colossus200180
CORE PAMT Vehicle Plant10090
ARM ARM-VCF Vehicle Plant10090
CORE PAK Kbot Lab10090
ARM ARM-KL Kbot Lab10090
CORE PAS Shipyard10090
ARM ARM-SCF Shipyard10090
CORE PAV Aircraft Plant10090
ARM ARM-ACF Aircraft Plant10090

Build Distance [TOP]
This is the maximum distance from which a unit can begin a build from.

*Note that the on rare occasions where the unit initiates a build but moves beyond the Build Distance but the unit being built does not itself move, the nano-stream can become very long. This can be most easily seen with many aircraft guarding a single aircraft plant.

Table 3: Build Distance Comparison

ARM ARM-CSW2 Advanced Construction Sub100
CORE CW-SA Advanced Construction Sub80
CORE MV-S3 Spoiler70
ARM ARM-ML4 Podger70
CORE HB-CW Construction Hovercraft70
ARM ARM-HC2 Construction Hovercraft70
CORE COR-CV1 Adv. Construction Vehicle60
ARM ARM-CA1 Adv. Construction Aircraft60
ARM ARM-DWM Decoy Commander60
CORE COR-DWM Decoy Commander60
CORE COR-CS1 Construction Ship60
ARM ARM-CS1 Construction Ship60
CORE COR-CA1 Adv. Construction Aircraft60
ARM ARM-ACK1 Adv. Construction Kbot60
CORE COR-ACK1 Adv. Construction Kbot60
ARM ARM-CV1 Adv. Construction Vehicle60
ARM ARM-WM Commander60
CORE CX-D3 Commander60
CORE CMA-17 Construction Vehicle40
ARM ARM-CV1 Construction Vehicle40
ARM ARM-CA1 Construction Aircraft40
ARM ARM-WCA3 Construction Seaplane40
CORE CVA-W5 Construction Seaplane40
CORE CVA-8 Construction Aircraft40
ARM ARM-CK1 Construction KBot40
CORE CKA-23 Construction Kbot40
CORE ARM-SP1 Air Repair Pad6
ARM ARM-SP1 Air Repair Pad6