TA at the command line
There are a few helpful command line switched that effect how TA operates.

You can either cut and paste the path into Start|Run, modify your TA shortcut or enter the path in DOS mode (The actual command line :D).
General command line extension X:\cavedog\totala\totala -##
General with client command line extension X:\cavedog\totala\totala -## -# -#
E.g. c:\cavedog\totala\totala -dw -N1:[] -HMy_Game

General Switches
Use the standard Windows multimedia interface for playing sounds instead of DirectSound.
Disable the use of DirectSound if you do not have a sound card or the game crashes while trying to play sounds
Places TA in windowed "debug" mode. Requires more CPU resources. Battle screen is set to size of resolution setting (no auto-stretching)
Disables startup movie
-i filename.ini
The filename should first consist of a group, seems to only work with the group named totala, however its supposed to work with other groups as well.

watching=2 ;Watching mode on/off
mapmode=1 ;Map mode, mapped, unmapped.
location=2 ;Location random, fixed
cheats=1 ;Cheats allow, disallow.
los=1 ;LOS, true, perm, circle, etc
deathopt=1 ;Commander dies setting
metal=1000 ;Starting metal
energy=1000 ;starting energy
maxunits=500 ;Maximum units allowed in game
lockOptions=0 ;If value 1, host can't change options battle room options
playerlimit=2 ;Number of players to allow
connect=1 ;connect mode, 1=tcp, etc.
address=[IPADDY] ;Ip address
pfs=0 ;pack frame speed, don't mess with this, 0 is default which is believed to be 3
player=[PNAME] ;Name of the Player
;password=[GPASS] ;Game password
session=[GNAME] ;Dplay name.
provider=GBL ;Provider can be anything
mission=[MAP] ;Name of map to play on
timelimit=0 ;Not used
registeredonly=0 ;Supposedly lets only 'registered', people join could be a TA:K thing
creator=[HOST] ;Creator should be 1 for host, or 0 for joiner
tournment=[T] ;If value is 1, host can't in game reject a player on purpose but if they lag out rejection can still occur.
-p #
Pack frame speed. Number between 1 and 5 and shouldn't be played with but allows you to set the packet pfs. Possible default value is 3.

Client based switches
-N1:%i -HMy_Game
Server Command Line:
%i = IP address
You can substitute your own game name rather than My_Game (e.g. "-HPoo's_Game"), but you canít use spaces or the following characters: ! - %.
Join Command Line:
%i = IP address
Register TA with directplay lobby
Italics signify switches and details published by Cire of GBL. Thanks!